Consider gratitude


I want to suggest and even underscore that practicing gratefulness does not entail denying the difficulty in our lives. I think it’s equally important to honor and embrace our pain and anger and hurt. If we are feeling those things we need to approve of and love the parts of us that feel all those things. That does not negate also being grateful for that which we can be grateful for. So many times when things like gratefulness or forgiveness or other virtues are considered the message is that we should not feel all the bad stuff. I say that’s crap. Feel it all…the bad and the good. Feel grateful and angry or defeated. It’s all good and necessary. Feelings are meant to be felt. — So today I’m grateful for the gift of gratefulness because it’s helped me transmute the despair and pain and anger I’ve also felt and sometimes still feel. We need the whole package it seems. … [click on title to read the rest]

Breathing technique for quick relaxation/sleep


Below is a very simple but elegant breathing exercise shared by Dr. Weil.

I thought I’d share the video and then repost some additional links on sleeping and insomnia and how to reframe possible problems in that domain. … [click on title to view video and read post]

The anniversary posts: the 5 years off psychiatric drugs documented

new life upon freedom from psych drugs

This will be posted in the navigation drop-down menu section for easy access. – Below this introduction are a list of the anniversary posts I’ve written each year since I came off. They are pieces that consider the entire process and what it’s meant to me. – After approximately two decades on psych meds I came off a six drug cocktail in about six years. This proved to be a gargantuan task. […] When we learn to listen to the body once again we find that we can come into alignment with all of life in ways I hadn’t even conceived of as possible until I was forced to start paying attention (once I was bedridden and so sick I couldn’t move or speak…that all proved to be a powerful motivator for me. I was not going to give up) — Once we listen we learn that the body has wisdom that far exceeds anything we learn intellectually. Incredible healing wisdom. Learning to listen is key. The sooner we learn to do that the better. … [click on title to read the rest]

Earning a living


Update: (To be clear: I remain committed to serving those who’ve been injured by psychiatric drugs and trauma in general. I simply need some time to find ways to make it sustainable. I wanted to thank everyone for all the love and support shared in the last post. I am, in part, taking a break is so I can finish some intense energetic healing work that I’m in the midst of now…I suspect nothing will be the same when it’s resolved. I expect to be renewed in good time. I’m deeply grateful for the loving support I feel from you all.) — I realized I can no longer continue to put out the energy involved in maintaining this website and the Facebook page until I find ways to be regularly compensated for all of the many hours of work involved. I’ve been essentially giving away a huge chunk of life force for the last (almost) decade. Much of that has made me happy and helped me heal in profound ways but at this point it’s becoming counterproductive to moving forward. I need to earn a living. … [click on title to read the rest]

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor


Someone has stated a concern that I am not clear enough about my level of expertise and says I don’t have any authority to say what I’m saying. So this is my disclaimer: I am a human being. I read and study and experience life. I am not a doctor and never claim to be. And I ask, who is an authority?…certainly not the doctors who’ve caused us all this harm. We are all equals…every human being on the planet. Everyone needs to research their own needs…and find helpers who can treat them as the unique individuals that they are. The main thing I say again and again is that we’re all different so nothing I say can be generalized 100% EVER. That is a constant disclaimer in everything I write always. We’re all different. We all have different paths. One person’s poison is another person’s medicine. … [click on title to view the post]

Right here, right now

right here

So…how to be in the present moment? I like simply starting by suggesting paying attention. If formal meditation feels like too much how about just taking a moment — right now — to pay attention? What can you hear in your environment, right now? What does the air feel like on your body? What is the temperature? Is the air moving or still? Humid or dry? What do you see about you, right now? What is the quality of light? Are there other living creatures around? Plants? Animals? What are the objects surrounding you? What do you feel in your body right now? Are there any sensations that stand out in your body? What if you started from your head and slowly scanned your body to your toes? What does it all feel like? Sit with all this for a few minutes.

There you have it. A short meditation, grounded in right now. And yes, it’s that simple really. That is the start of a practice. … [click on title to read the rest]

Diet and nutrition dogmatic ideologies are everywhere


Everyone has an opinion about diet and most of it is simply only that. There’s so much we simply don’t really know about how our bodies heal. Once you have a reasonable working understanding that whole real food is good it’s best to then go out and do your own experiments with your own body and try not to go down too many dogmatic rabbit-holes. Diet and nutrition dogmatic ideologies are everywhere…trust your body above and beyond what anyone says. Trust your body above what you’d really like to be true too. Sometimes the truth of what our bodies need isn’t what our ego would ideally like. … [click on title to read more]

The bad news is you’re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there’s no ground


A small collection of quotes and short videos for Sunday contemplation. So being that this is the case, I practice surrender, acceptance and letting go. Because like it or not we are not in charge. This is perhaps my most important practice and while I have many practices I think this one is at the foundation of everything. Surrender. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Change, change, change


Sometimes I hear people say that nothing is changing. That psychiatry continues to harm and that for this reason despair rather than hope is warranted. — I don’t see it this way at all anymore. — I often take a moment for gratitude when I consider how many mental health professionals now read and share my work and other similar work all over social networks…it’s incredible how much has changed since I first started writing and editing Beyond Meds… I see things change everyday and am constantly motivated because the one thing I do see, everyday, is change…The monolith which is the psychiatric/pharmaceutical system may take more time, but change is everywhere…in every one of us always… [click on title to read the rest]

I no longer hide

butterfly on the butterfly bush by Monica Cassani

And so I no longer hide. I finally made the decision. And soon after, it was clear to see that 90% of the stress I’d carried through out the years was because I hid myself, pretended, smiled when I didn’t want to, silenced myself when my song was emerging from my very skin. I denied myself and so my world inside was a crumbling mess. I stopped hiding and was blown away by how easy it was to live. Living became natural again. And being me was no longer a problem. They don’t teach this stuff in schools but they should. They really, really should. Real living is about unhiding. That’s when everything starts to make sense. — S.C Lourie, Soul Notes of the Butterfly

Oh, yes. Learn to be who we are. Here is more from Beyond Meds … [click on title to read the rest]


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