Contrary to popular opinion “major depression” can respond to non-drug options!


YES, thank you…don’t believe the hype about how essential drugs are in severe cases. It’s possible to make healthy choices and avoid neurotoxic and dangerous drugs most of the time. People need to be offered options as a very real possibility. As it stands now people are often misled to believe they need drugs when another method of care may actually be more appropriate for long-term positive outcomes. “Alternative” care needs to become mainstream so that people might become truly and deeply healthy. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Psychiatry retains power despite lost scientific credibility


Influential “thought leader” psychiatrists and major psychiatry institutions, by their own recent admissions, have been repeatedly wrong about illness/disorder validity, biochemical causes, and drug treatments; and also, in several cases, have been discovered to be on the take from drug companies—yet continue to be taken seriously by the mainstream media.

While Big Pharma financial backing is one reason that psychiatry is able to retain its clout, this is not the only reason. More insidiously, psychiatry retains influence because of the needs of the larger power structure that rules us. And perhaps most troubling, psychiatry retains influence because of us—and our increasing fears that have resulted in our expanding needs for coercion. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

To my friends and readers who still take psych drugs (and to everyone on and off meds too)


Our journeys are long and complex and individual. I was on drugs for over 20 years. I hold a space for who I was all those 20 years. If I did not I would be a self-loathing hypocrite.

It seems that on occasion there are people who imagine I am somehow demanding that people not take meds. I also can only assume these folks feel threatened by my message. I speak to a particular audience of people whom can generally hold a lot of uncomfortable tensions because, frankly, life is messy and it’s pretty much never straight-forward. I also speak from my experience. Psychiatric drugs pretty near killed me. I’m kind of passionate about that fact. That I know it can happen and that it happens everyday. I know about the harm these drugs can cause. I know it personally and I have now worked with 1000s directly and indirectly all over the world who have been gravely harmed. As long as this information is largely denied by those who prescribe psychiatric drugs, I do feel I have a responsibility to let it be known what can happen when these drugs are used the way they are most frequently being used today. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

To those who claim we rant


Someone on Twitter challenged Kelly Brogan MD and I about her article about SSRIs yesterday. She said that she and I were “ranting”

All my work is now motivated by the fact that I’ve worked with and corresponded with thousands of people who have been gravely harmed by psychiatry. The denial of the great potential for harm in psychiatry must end. The harming of so many innocent and vulnerable people must end. I’m happy to keep helping people find other ways until no one is being harmed any longer….what follows too are some of my tweets in response to this woman … [click on title to read and view more]

Always nice to hear from a psychiatrist who gets it


Good article by Kelly Brogan MD at Mad in America — always nice to hear from a psychiatrist who gets it…she says: All you have to do is spend a few minutes on or to appreciate that we have created a monster. Millions of men, women, and children, the world over are suffering, without […]

2014 in review


Thanks to all my many readers all over the world for your ongoing support and for your commitment to becoming who you are meant to be in a world that makes it very difficult for us to do that. We all need each other to do that. That we might heal not just ourselves but our families, communities and our planet.

Happy New Year and much love to you all. … [click on title to read and view more]

MDs that can help are not always available


This was inspired by a tweet stream in response to someone asking about finding an MD to help with drug withdrawal…unfortunately they’re simply not always available and we have to deal with that reality. Pretending it’s not the case helps no one and can be dangerous. I’ve reposted the tweets below and then cut and pasted various supporting […]

A horrifying journey through the medical system


A story of iatrogenic injury caused by SSRIs and other psych meds presented at TEDMED. It’s important that these stories be told at these mainstream venues. Spread this one around your networks. There will be people who will recognize themselves and perhaps also find the courage to escape this sort of situation that happens to 1000s everyday all over the country and the world. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

If I had remained med compliant… (another IT GETS BETTER post)


This is a repost from a little over a year ago — And this time around I’m including it in the IT GETS BETTER series. In the time since this was written, I have, indeed, continued to heal at a much faster rate than prior. I am happy and filled with awe due to being able to deeply appreciate the mystery that is life. To be clear being “happy” in my mind is not about never being sad or overwhelmed or distressed. I embrace and celebrate the entire spectrum of human emotion. I’ve learned among other things that you cannot heal what you don’t feel. … [click on title to read and view more]

The Autoimmune Summit: may help anyone with chronic illness, including protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal


A lot of people with protracted withdrawal issues are likely to have some sort of auto-immunity issue. It’s worth learning about auto-immune disease if you have chronic illness of any kind since mainstream doctors don’t even look for it quite often. This is a free online conference of sorts…it looks like a great way to get to know about this stuff if you don’t already. My healing protocols take into account auto-immune issues and much of what will be taught in this course informs my own healing process. IT’S FREE

There are some good doctors involved in this. Including one’s from whom I’ve learned a lot in my process. Beyond that I don’t really know more about this program than what I’m sharing. (just as a small disclaimer) I receive nothing for this post and share it only because I think it would be great for everyone to understand more about chronic illness and autoimmune disease. Both are far more common than most people realize and there are a lot of people who are sub-chronic in that with one more trigger they could get sick. We all need to tend to our health, always. … [click on title for the rest of the post]


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