Los Angeles has increased its outpatient involuntary treatment program in spite of UN declaring force torture

Los Angeles County

Even as we have access to more and more information that links that which gets labeled mental illness to trauma — treatment that exacerbates the trauma response continues to gain legal traction all over the country. This, of course, leads to the epidemic of harm and iatrogenic illness we’re watching happen. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Have you considered histamine intolerance associated with psych drug use and withdrawal?

Histamine molecule

Discovering this histamine link was a very critical part of my healing journey and it ushered in a time of more rapid improvements once I started tending to it. Here Dr. David Healy supports what some of us have found in his antidepressant withdrawal guide. (it should be noted that this information is relevant to folks who have taken other psych meds as well as most of them impact histamine) … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Psychiatric Drugs Send 90,000 to the ER Yearly


Can you say iatrogenic injury? Never mind the many thousands of us who suffer protracted withdrawal issues causing disability that are completely denied by the medical establishment…most of us have to start hiding from doctors who want to give us more drugs rather than give our poor bodies the chance to heal. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Why I think antidepressants cause more harm than good (The Lancet, by Peter Gøtzsche)


Peter Gøtzsche responds to David Nutt et al in The Lancet Psychiatry (journal). This is an important conversation that’s happening in a public forum in the UK….I’m also sharing a video with Peter Gøtzsche below that I’ve shared before. He’s doing critically important work and making lots of people very uncomfortable. Those of us who’ve been gravely harmed are very appreciative that he’s speaking the truth where it most needs to be shared right now. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Mad in America Film Festival

mad head

From October 9th through 12th, 2014, Mad in America will be hosting its first International Film Festival at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA. Our mission is to foster the pursuit of social justice and human rights by bringing together an international collective of voices, perspectives, and artistic presentations that challenge the current mental health system and explore alternative understandings of “mental illness.” … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Finding MDs who are non-coercive and also interested in listening and partnering


Note: I’m using the term MD or doctor in this post, but this goes for all medical professionals. One of the people I consult with, for example has a Functional Medicine degree from a Chinese Medicine school. He’s not actually an MD. I’m just talking about qualified medical professionals here. And regardless of training or degree, I’ve found it hard to find folks who have access to lab testing etc who want to really listen to me. Most people have boxes they’ll try to fit their patients into. I’ve found this to be often true among alternative medical practitioners as well. The boxes may be different, but they’re still boxes. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

there is no such thing as a monolithic state called depression

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Depression is always a mixture of many things…there is no such thing as a monolithic state called depression…the fact that people imagine that is the case, is a problem

Here is a list of a few articles and posts on Beyond Meds that might help one consider what is called depression in different ways, because it is not just one thing. It’s always a combination of many things in the life of every individual who gets the label. This is true of all psych diagnosis, actually. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Cold turkey withdrawal from psychiatric drugs

Cold Turkey Final

The most important thing about cold-turkey to understand is that just because you’ve heard of someone that managed to do it successfully (or you are the one who did it successfully) doesn’t mean it’s a generally safe thing for others to do. The risk involved if things go wrong are potentially radically life-changing in the extreme negative so it’s simply not a risk worth taking unless one is faced with an immediate life-threatening side-effect from the drugs. That is the only time that cold-turkey is appropriate and wise…in that instance one should have easy access to emergency medical services. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Psychiatry causes harm and it’s widely denied: psychiatrist shares her sadness about her profession


Joanna Moncrieff, MD shares her response to this question: How do you feel about the current state of psychiatry? … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Children — ADHD & bipolar (history etc) Robert Whitaker – Psychiatric Epidemic


Here, Robert Whitaker looks at the research that specifically deals with Children — especially ADHD but also so-called Bipolar Disorder. The evidence is clear: the ethics behind the use of these toxic medications on children is highly questionable.

He repeats the information about the studies that have shown that ritalin is essentially long acting speed. The research comes from a very mainstream source. … [click on title for the rest of the post]


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