Champion of the psyche and renegade therapist


Therapy is set up to help the “disturbed.” Sometimes the psyche upsets us in order to allow us to go further…mental health care is thus misguided in that it tries to get rid of distress. We need to instead come to understand why the distress is there. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Part 2, healing journey: Attn: mental health professionals of all stripes


It’s okay to let your clients leave you without declaring them resistant to your care. They know better than you do when they are ready to work and with whom. It should not be assumed that just because they walk out of your office they are not finding their way even as they take that […]

Shaking Medicine with Bradford Keeney

shaking monica cassani gianna kali

I really enjoy Bradford Keeney and have read some of his books. He calls himself a recovering psychotherapist. His methods now are more shamanic in nature.

A Crazy Camp Idea


What if instead of psychiatric hospitals, we created spirit-healing camps?

Irresponsible therapy as sorcery


Sorcery – the Seven Arts (Salvador Dali, 1957) You may find it remarkable that I am classifying therapists with sorcerers.  There is a fine line between the Healer who heals and the one who, due to ignorance, may cause harm.  In working with patients, I have found that archaic language and images are the best […]

Soul in Crisis: why cultural healing must replace the “mental illness” fiction

Image from Jung's Red Book

Image from Jung’s Red Book A bunch of links to book excerpts by Maureen B. Roberts PhD. She is a Jungian therapist who values the spiritual and transformative dimensions of what is so often labeled mental illness. She also supports nutritional and dietary support of our holistic wellbeing. I’ve posted this a couple of times […]

Therapy Tales cartoon for Beyond Meds


I’ve met all sorts of wonderful people on twitter. @woundedgenius, author of Therapy Tales (@therapytales on twitter) is one of those people. A cartoon genius, wounded or not. I was touched and moved to see a ‘toon inspired by my work. Despite never having been under the care of a prescribing psychologist, I have worked […]

Open Dialogue — Alternative Care for Psychosis In Finland Developed By Jaakko Seikkula


By Will Hall Over the past two decades, Dr. Jaakko Seikkula’s hospital team in Finland has advanced and refined “Open Dialogue,” a family and social network approach to first episode psychosis care, and this way of working has garnered widespread attention for dramatically improving outcomes. Open Dialogue de-emphasizes US-style pharmaceutical intervention and instead establishes a […]

Paradoxical Theory Of Change

This essay from a gestalt therapist, The Paradoxical Theory of Change, addresses a central idea in gestalt: attend to what you are actually doing, in the present moment, as the pathway to do something different. Gestalt is one of the influences in the school of psychology I study, Process Work. Check out Gianna’s recent video […]

Further extraction from the system — email to my very nice therapist

Dear Therapist, I don’t want to pay for relationships anymore. It seems to me it’s inherently unhealthy and unnatural, contrived and toxic to ones soul. (or my soul anyway…I won’t speak for others) I like you a lot but it feels wrong. Paying for intimacy. Seems to be a really messed up element of modern/capitalistic […]


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