(Psych) Drug induced dementia — higher rates of Alzheimer’s too


This is not the first time psych drugs have been linked to dementia, but it’s certainly not something we hear about often enough. With an aging generation of people who’ve been on psych meds for their entire adult lives it’s an issue that needs to be faced. It’s yet another serious adverse effect that psychiatric drugs can cause. In this current NBC piece they are speaking only about benzodiazepines. All psych drugs have been associated with various sorts of mental decline, however. … [click on title to read and view more]

The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg: Accutane – the truth that had to be told

The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg

Bremner fights and wins – Acutane has since been withdrawn from the market – and the truths he uncovers are personal and and political.

Pharma flees facebook

Facebook apparently used to allow pharma pages to not allow comments from the masses. That has changed and now people can comment about pharma’s drugs on their pages. What is happening as a result of that? Pharma is abandoning facebook. It’s too dangerous to let their consumers speak freely on their pages because, well, the truth might come out!

What’s Wrong With This Picture? Psychiatrists’ Focus on Drugs and Emotional Distance: by Paula Caplan

This New York Times article “Talk Doesn’t Pay, So Psychiatry Turns Instead to Drug Therapy” was shared and commented on the other day by Gianna here on Beyond Meds. Today we share Paula Caplan’s pointed concerns from her blog, “When Johnny and Jane come Marching home.” Below is an excerpt of Caplan’s piece: What’s Wrong […]

New advertising for antipsychotics forecasts another change in the language

Only one label for this: kittykatus furious

The Internet wants me to take drugs. I know this, because nearly every site I visit subtly whispers things like “Seroquel…” “Abilify…”  “Adderall, for adult ADHD…” to me from the sidebars.  It shows me pictures of a perfect life, happy smiling people trendily going about their business as “productive members of society” – everything, in […]

It’s not just psychiatry: Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong

what if wrong answers aren’t the exception but the rule? More and more scholars who scrutinize health research are now making that claim. It isn’t just an individual study here and there that’s flawed, they charge. Instead, the very framework of medical investigation may be off-kilter, leading time and again to findings that are at best unproved and at worst dangerously wrong.

Robert Whitaker and a roomful of psychiatrists from Harvard

Might it be that the overuse of psychiatric medications is making many people sicker than they would have been, and preventing their recovery? Are the medications causing an epidemic of long-term psychiatric disability?

United States of Alienation…and some more pharma news

Another piece from War in Context that bears viewing: Mental health in the United States of Alienation — War in Context (there is an)… assumption that it is easier and cheaper to physically or chemically restrain this society’s most troubled members than it would be to create the conditions in which their minds might heal…. […]

People and Power – investigates fraud and corruption running through the veins of the US pharmaceutical industry

Commentary and the video looks at many issues of corruption in pharma.

An outline of how mental health system is biased toward medication

It has become apparent that huge numbers of people are receiving more medication, over longer periods of time, than what is optimal for their long term mental health.(Whitaker, 2010) What are the factors in the current mental health system that biases it toward greater use of medication than what is optimal? It is important that all of these areas be identified, since efforts to achieve medication optimization are likely to achieve only partial success at best if significant areas of bias remain unchallenged.


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