Back in California

So I’ve managed to say virtually nothing about the circumstances with my brother for a few days. I’m actually in California now and have been here since Monday the 14th. I saw my brother on Tuesday for the first time. It was literally like a blow to the stomach. I had to work at not gasping and instead smile, and hug him. He’s a mere skeleton. He’s lost his hair and his beard, but he hasn’t shaved so there are wisps of hair on both his head and face. His eyes are the hollow empty eyes of man who is dying. I know those eyes from the years I’ve spent doing hospice. Seeing them in the face of my brother was the worst shock I’ve had.

I am at last in a position to be helpful to him and he is allowing me to be so. I feel better, though the pain has not diminished–there is simply some relief in being in his presence.

On another note, I see the SBD craze has not diminished. I’m having a hard time keeping up with what is going on in our corner of the blogosphere at the moment. Hopefully I can get to thinking about it sometime over the weekend and read what y’all have been saying and check in on Monday with something to add? Maybe? Maybe not.

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