Neurofeedback and the continuing story of my recovery

I had an interesting neurofeedback session yesterday. It had been a month. The routine has been once a week, but in the last few months it's hardly been that what with my father getting sick, then moving. Then my brothers cancer and all that uncertainty. Then my doctor went on a couple of trips--one long.... Continue Reading →

More on the withdrawal process and my current recovery

I've been reading over my blog today. I don't do that too often. It's a strange thing to see what came out of my head at any given time and I often cringe at how I expressed myself or when I see occasional glaring typos. I'm learning more and more to accept my flawed, imperfect... Continue Reading →

Mania as spiritual emergency (another recovery story)

I got turned on to a really cool youtube video series from Jayme at Rayne's World. It's a man telling his story of a "mania" that he interpreted as a spiritual emergency--treated it as such and recovered. I had a very similar story at the onset, but got sucked into psychiatry which he avoided. That... Continue Reading →

Comments about Lamictal withdrawal from Furious Seasons

This remains one of the most comprehensive collections of comments about personal experience with coming off lamictal.

A Dream and feelings beyond the dream

Update and addendum: wow! I just found this post (11 years later)!! I don't remember writing it and today I was shocked at my courage to share the below. It is indeed part of the process to have all this stuff come up to be felt, seen and released. Much of this stuff has worked... Continue Reading →


I've been having a harder time coming up with stuff to write lately. I fear I've said my bit. But I'm always afraid my latest post will be my last. The thing is, right now, one of my closest, longest term friends from California is visiting me, so that means I have less time on... Continue Reading →

Wall Street Journal covers alternatives in mental health — I critique how bare-bones and ignorant their piece is

I saw this article the day it came out a couple of weeks ago. I was somewhat unimpressed at the time being that it was so incomplete, but have come to realize it is an important piece. Two days ago I was reminded of it on Sadly Normal where I left a comment. I want... Continue Reading →

My Forced Psychiatric “Treatment”

Update 2016: The last time my nervous system tried to go through what it's going through now (with the heightened consciousness of having lived a long time), this is what happened: I was 19 years old and no one knew what waking up was about back then. Now I have 100s of thousands of comrades. We... Continue Reading →


Ahhh!!! Well yesterday first thing in the morning I said, "I do believe I'm coming back." Granted I'm still skeptical but damn did I have a good rest of the day yesterday. I drove myself into town to do some errands -- specifically buy supplies for my Klonopin water titration. (which a couple of you... Continue Reading →

Looking up

On my profile statement I said this would be a document of my journey off meds. Unfortunately I think it's a more interesting blog when I'm talking about theoretical, sociological issues and/or my past experiences with professionals and of course when I share a story of recovery or some great resource for alternatives to drug... Continue Reading →

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