Big Pharma getting it’s way

Read Furious Seasons today.

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  1. Most doctors in their ignorance think Valium is more addictive than the other meds. It’s not true, but it is true that it is extremely addictive if taken daily and they are simply not listening to you. Lots of people drug seek and they are bunching you in with those people.

    There are some reasonable doctors out there…you need to approach them calmly and explain your situation…tell them you can prove to them that you only take occasional PRN’s by how often you have to get refills.

    the alternate route is to go drug free. research alternatives and learn to cope with anxiety naturally—that too can be done. You are not completely stuck unless you believe yourself to be. There are options.

    I wish you the best and believe me I’m not minimizing your frustration…I’ve had it with doctors and the whole mental health game…

    I’m sorry it’s so hard and I know it sometimes feels impossible.

  2. I had quit my job from a hostile working environment in July 2007. It took me until November 1 to find seasonal-to-permanent work with Amazon. I had hoped to stay beyond Christmas, and establish health insurance. That didn’t happen.

    Until unemployment, and no insurance, I had been 4 taking medications. It first began with anxiety. I was given Effexor for that. The Effexor caused depression. Then I was given Lamictal for the depression. The Lamictal caused insomnia. Then I was given Seroquel for that and so forth.

    All the while this was happening, I still had my trusty Valium prescription AS NEEDED. This had, and has been the case ever since I was a patient at the UCLA Medical Group, Santa Monica, in 2000.

    When I lost my health insurance last year, I applied for Partnership for Prescription Drug Assistance, or PPA (Montel Williams). All of the paperwork was transitioning smoothly, and had taken longer than 2 months. Just as the paperwork was to be signed over for assistance, my doctor decided that he wouldn’t authorize it unless I came in to see him, out of the blue. Furthermore, he decided that he wouldn’t issue these medications under the same reason.

    During the time this all came about, the holiday season at Amazon was in full-swing. I was working 12 hours a day on the night shift. If that wasn’t enough, I had barely enough time to eat and sleep during the day.

    My doctor was only available 3 days a week, and continued to refuse to issue medication that is WELL KNOWN TO NOT BE STOPPED TAKEN ABRUPTLY. I tried to explain the situation, and my phone calls went unanswered more than twice. His nurse didn’t return my calls either. I finally had to resort to unreturned email. Needless to say, at the beginning of the year I fired my psychiatrist.

    When I finally ended up severing my ties to that doctor, I managed to get a 90 day supply of each medication. Well, I had to WITHDRAW from these horrendous medicines without supervision. AND IT WAS HELL. The definition of addiction would fall under a class of drugs that needs supervision to WITHDRAW FROM.

    Carrying on… yesterday (now employed part-time) I paid cash to see my physician. I took my medical record with me. I had to see the Physician’s Assistant to see about refilling Valium only (I would have had to wait over a month to see my physician). Valium is something I have taken for years; as has my mom, AS NEEDED. I don’t even take 3 a day as the bottle says. I don’t even take them everyday!

    When I spoke with the P.A. she insisted that I go back on some of the other medications that I have decided I don’t need, otherwise they will not issue any Valium. WHAT??? I have come TOO far, managing to escape THE ADDICTION of Effexor, Lamictal, and Seroquel. While ironically, I can come and go easily with Valium alone.

    I tried to explain that I don’t need those other medicines; that I only need an AS NEEDED medicine. History has shown me that I can do fine with Valium only, and not even daily. I’m willing to suffer through anxiety, and as needed Valium, if it means not becoming dependent upon those foul medications that are claimed to be “NON ADDICTIVE”. I say “GIVE ME A BREAK!”

    What is going on with our health care system? It seems like a conspiracy. The insurance companies, drug companies, and doctor practices are seemingly trying to brain-wash people.

    I am not, have never been, and will never be addicted to Valium! Did I have to painfully withdraw from Effexor? YES! Did I have to withdraw from Seroquel (which BTW can shorten your life by 20 years)? YES! Did I have to painfully withdraw from Lamictal? YES! I AM STILL DOING SO! Gradually!

    How do they have the nerve to claim that the “as needed” drug is more addictive than the daily regimen that “can not be stopped taken abruptly”???

    How can they force me to take pills that I know cause me more harm than good, as a prerequisite to obtain the medication that I know works for me alone, WITHOUT ADDICTION???

    While I feel lucky to be able to see through their transparent deception, what are my options? No one will listen!

    Is there a last frontier for truth in medicine? I have reached my wit’s end, and have begun to lose all hope in medicine, and all trust in doctors. Please! Someone offer me some hope!

    We need a fucking revolution!

  3. Agreed.
    I’ve taken these drugs myself, I know what death of the spirit feels like…and it scares the hell out of me that someone else could choose that kind of non-existence for my kids.


  4. Jazz,

    At the risk of sounding ‘dramatic’ – we are afterall, talking about human life – suicide and homicide rates from SSRI agents that are off the charts.

    Death of part of the brain – the higher thoughts – the deepest emotions – from the frontal cortex to the very soul….

    Death of the spirit – the slow death that comes from being turned into a zombie….

    And the untold addiction – to agents that take years to withdrawal from – the pain and suffering from this part of the ‘meds’…..

    And the states who have purchased these drugs through Medicaid for their youth – the elderly who purchase them through Medicare…..a scam by Big Pharma on our own govt….

    The hidden clinical trials, the money paid to both aisles of Congress – the fees to the FDA – the lies, deceipt, and corruption evey step of the way…..

    From an industry of ‘death’….

    It’s time for criminal investigations – time to have some fair trials…..and then, it’s time to lock some people up – the CEO’s and upper management teams from Big Pharma….

    I’m not a Scientologist – I am a very concerned father – with two sons who will inheret a better world – I will make sure of it.

    Thanks for joining me in this effort.

    Yours in liberty,

    Yours in liberty,


  5. Gianna,

    I contacted both of my US Senators, Congressman, and Speaker Pelosi offices today.

    And made (another) call to the DOJ/Attn General’s office.

    Also, continue to send emails/letters…..
    It only takes a few minutes to do this – and I hope more people will do the same (although my calls were not brief this morning) –

    Thanks for posting this –


  6. I have said this before, and I’ll say it again (pardon the redundancy)….

    It’s time for criminal investigations by the US Attorney General’s office.

    How will this ever happen?
    WE can make it happen.
    With letters and phone calls out the gazzoo.

    A long shot?
    So was the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s’ – they happened anyway…..because there were enough people – of all races who had had enough…..

    And so, I say if you don’t like the criminal activity of Big Pharma – start making calls, and writing letters, and don’t be quiet – be loud!

    As far as Big Pharma – their stock is going down per AHRP, and there are layoffs that are off the charts….

    If you follow the money – the money doesn’t look so good recently for Big Pharma – and it looks like it is becoming ‘Not So Big Pharma’……

    In spite of the negative news coming out of the story on Furious Seasons, I remain optimistic?

    Because I love history – and throughout history there have been myths – and these myths never last forever…..

    The ‘myth’ of ‘chemical imbalances’ and ‘medical compliance’ is one that is one its last breath…..

    The tide is turning – we will all be part of one of the most revolutionary moments in our time – equal rights for those with ‘mental illness’ – as long as we are each willing to do our part.

    Liberty or Death,

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