Mental Wellness Group

I posted this on an online bulletin board in my hometown:

Mental Wellness Group:
I’m seeking like-minded individuals who would like to explore natural/holistic/spiritual ways of achieving good mental health. We are people who may or may not be on psych meds but whose goals are to live as clean of a life as possible and who believe in complete recovery through sometimes radical lifestyle changes and maintenance of those changes. We believe it’s possible to live a life free of meds and are only too conscious of how dangerous these meds are and how much they impede our lives. We do not judge where someone is on their journey but hope to have the same goals. We know it may not always be possible to get off all drugs safely.

We are not all where we want to be. We share what we know about diet and nutrition/spirituality/yoga/meditation and how those things have helped us. We talk about barriers that keep us from getting there and we help support each other as we make changes in our lives.

I have access to many recovery stories of people using these methods. Stories of people having achieved complete recovery from even serious mental illness. These people do not take meds any longer and have found natural and holistic means to stay healthy and live productive lives. I will gladly share these stories with you. (they are on the internet–I can email them to you)

I’ve been on this journey of healing for several years. I eat a natural diet of whole foods, I supplement, and as much as I am able I exercise, do yoga and meditate—I personally need support in creating discipline in the latter areas. My diet and nutrition are stellar but I have yet to fully embrace the mind/body lifestyle changes I hope to. I’ve been withdrawing from psych meds and while I’ve found a rich network of like-minded souls on the internet I have not found them in real life…

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in participating in and helping shape please contact me.

I, of course, need to start functioning a bit better before I can actually commit to meeting each week, but in the mean time I want to find out if there is interest.

16 thoughts on “Mental Wellness Group

  1. I think Mental Wellness is a good idea. I’m not much
    concerned with terminology or stigma or political
    correctness. I don’t care if I’m called mentally ill.
    If someone says that I have a treatable but
    incurable disease i will not dispute any of that
    purely in terms of terminology. Disease is fine,
    incurable is fine too, just not very accurate in
    my case. The word treatable to me does not mean
    taking psych drugs. It means going to a C.C.N.
    and getting real treatment. But in terms of what
    I tell myself I know I need to change my way
    of referring to schizophrenia. I am in no shape
    to talk in negative terms to myself and should
    not think that I can handle negativity just
    because I tell myself it has no effect on my
    wellbeing. Mental Wellness is good because
    it’s accurate.


  2.’s done by email address did you use a different email address? I see you have a link in one of your comments and not in the other…(meaning the url to your blog in your name)


  3. your icon is not a patch work quilt on my screen. the patchwork quilts are for non-wordpress members…it’s a new option…

    I like it…

    but I see your regular icon here…which is how it should be if you’re a wordpress member


  4. I’ve tried to use the term mental wellness as much as possible, because it just makes sense, that’s our ultimate goal is wellness. If I was a psychiatrist or psychotherapist I would use that term vs. illness for sure with patients. The word “wellness” gives immediate hope.


  5. Wellness Group?

    Has always been intersting that NAMI incorporates the word ‘illness’ into the name of their organization….

    Just semantics?
    I don’t think so – I think words are powerful – when we use them to describe ourselves – either as individuals or organizations….

    Also, it becomes a focus….

    ‘Wellness Group’ – great name.



  6. naturalgal,
    it’s an online bulletin board…the link to the post will simply read MENTAL WELLNESS GROUP….I think that is short and sweet and can catch people’s eyes….

    I’m glad I could go into such detail because I want people to have a similar and compatible visions.


  7. This is a great idea. Gianna…was the post on the bulletin board really that long? Do you have something else, short and sweet to catch people’s eyes?


  8. I think it’s a great idea! I like the term “mental wellness” too. I’m also interested to hear if anyone responds, because you never know there could be someone on meds wanting to remove them, etc. and maybe this is support they’ve been looking for as well. Good luck!


  9. mark,
    ama is right your comment is poetry and like much good poetry I am having a problem interpreting it…

    What exactly are you asking?

    Open groups by nature have to deal with problematic individuals at times…I’m not sure I fear the above sorts you mention…


  10. What if the psychopath/ lier/user/evil show up to feed on the innocent or naive? Who is your cop, and what is their weapon?


  11. LOL you’re the second person this week to comment about how fast I post replies. I have your blog programmed in my Google reader, so as soon as you post, I see it. If you haven’t tried Google reader, I suggest you do. It’s awesome.


  12. wow, I literally posted this about 30 seconds ago…you’re fast!!

    go for it…there are a few groups here, but they are not quite right for me though I really respect one of the groups and have friends there. Anyway, I figured I’d see if I could start something.


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