Acute psychosis in mania and schizophrenia

Again a presentation of psychosis as spiritual emergency. My initial diagnosis was based on a spiritual emergency that was triggered by a hallucinogen. I’m sure that had I been dealt with with healing love as mentioned in this video instead of with force as I speak of in this post I would have healed and never had to been drugged out of my mind for the next twenty years.

For more on Spiritual Emergency see here. Also if you want to see more from the presenter of this video see here for his original personal story of spiritual emergency.

I drafted this post a few days ago and noticed last night that Marian at Different Thoughts beat me to posting Sean’s video. Check her out…she has a good blog!!

11 thoughts on “Acute psychosis in mania and schizophrenia

  1. wow.. your video was very englihtening.. i never thought of this as a spiritual emergency but it makes a lot of sense…thanks for the great insights! it was helpful! keep up the good work!


  2. My good friend when having a severe manic episode would be so lost. I would hold her in my arms and gently listen/talk to her. She needed physical contact-reassuring contact. I never felt like it was anything other than helping/sharing. I put sunglasses on her when we went out in public-this gave her a sense of being protected from all the sights/sounds. I’d hold her hand in the grocery store ignoring all the stares.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Sean and his idea of Spiritual Emergency. Interesting.I will go look for other info about him/his ideas.

    You know how I feel about psychiatric drugs and we need to take them forever.

    Editors note: to clarify: Shelby does not believe drugs need to be taken forever and has indeed freed herself from drugs.


  3. Gianna,

    Diet and nutrition to smooth the transition-very good.
    You reminded me of something that happened 3 months ago.
    I went into delusion for the first time in 2 years.
    When the voices got really bad I slept for an hour,
    got up and took some powdered supplements supplied
    by a C.C.N. Allen Pressman whose been treating me
    for the past 6 months. They were neuro and GI track
    powders. My head cleared immediately and the
    pressure on my frontal lobes lifted.
    The combination of natural sleep and the
    nutrients pulled me out. Gianna, if I had that 2 years
    ago I would have saved myself a lot of suffering
    and a lot of hell. You are so right.

    BTW, Pressman has 45 years of experience in
    treating difficult conditions like SCZ and BP.
    Anyone who wants to can hear his NYC radio
    program anytime on his website.


  4. Hi J…
    I actually think the above is true for a whole lot of people….perhaps not the majority, but many many more than are ever given an opportunity to heal.

    And people shouldn’t have to go through a healing crisis alone. There should be an infrastructure, like Soteria, where people are allowed to process…that would keep 99% of the people safe.

    It’s fear directed at us by the current mental health system that makes so many of us go out of control and dangerous. If someone psychotic is approached fearlessly and encouraged to let go into their experience….it’s not nearly as scary and as you did, many people could find their way through.

    Personally, I think the support of diet and nutrition would help smooth the transition and make the healing happen faster.

    It’s a body/mind/spirit thing. All things should be attended to.


  5. I went through my “mania” alone together with about
    12 other maniacs crowded together in my head.
    It went on for months and it is a healing process
    once you’re lucky enough to come out the other end
    in one piece.

    How do you heal someone who is
    out of control w/o meds and who is a danger to
    themselves while going into and out of control

    That did not happen to me, if fact,
    I was never out of control. I was living a split
    existence and could deal with my 12 friends/enemies
    in my head while dealing with the outside world.
    I literally went through Dr. Perry’s 40 days and
    40 nights of euphoria and paranoia and I did
    not feel like Jesus during or after it was over…thank God!

    As difficult as it was I had it easy compared to MOST.
    It is good that a minority like myself can get
    along w/o meds or any prescriptions and get to
    call it a “healing crises” and an “altered state of
    consciousness”. It is good that there are therapists
    like Sean who can guide people through difficult
    psychoses. I don’t think he is universalizing
    his experience or the experiences of those he
    treated to the majority of schizophrenics.
    He might allude or actually say that
    but, IMO, he is too smart to believe it.
    I don’t know enough about BP but i
    doubt that what he says applies to
    the majority.

    I do believe that there are ppl with scz and BP
    who are being made sicker by there meds.
    Antipsychotics should only be taken for a
    short time if at all. If fact everyone who
    is taking meds longer than 3 weeks
    are worse off, IMO. They are divided between
    those who would be better off w/o and those
    who would be worse off w/o meds.
    The majority, IMO, would be worse off
    without meds.


  6. bipolarlife,
    I find the Spiritual Emergency theory to fit my experience exactly. I feel tragically abused because my situation was not recognized for what it was. I’m now finally mostly off drugs and will complete the process within a year or so.

    From looking at your blog it seems you’re not familiar with many people who have recovered. If you want more stories of recovery go to my recovery tab at the top of the page….

    good luck in your search for answers.

    Have you seen his original videos with his story? It’s definitely worth looking at.


  7. Hi Gianna,

    thanks for the praise:)

    Yeah, after I’d seen Sean’s video at YouTube, I couldn’t get it posted on my blog (or, on both of them, actually) fast enough. Everyone should watch this video. Especially every mental health professional. – Maybe we could get them court ordered to watch it, due to “lack of insight”? 😉


  8. Thank you for posting this. While watching it I was feeling conflicted about what he was saying. It is unnerving to be uncertain about such a big issue in ones life. I hope you don’t mind but I am going to post this video on my pithy little blog as well.


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