Can’t keep the info on generic Risperdal straight

I’ve been trying to follow when Risperdal will become generic. I’ve done two posts on the subject. First one on Risperdal going generic this month, which also includes my concerns about generics in general. And then one later on with new information I got saying it would not be generic this month.

Pharmalot whose credibility on these issues is far greater than mine has some much more reliable info today. Perhaps the fact that J&J’s Janssen unit is making their own generic will make my initial concerns in the first post not an issue??

One thing is clear, the generic is not available on the market this month in any case, but the approval process seems to have moved along.

Apparently Risperdal will be generic for some indications as it is still under patent for others. I wish I knew what all that was. The FDA report says:

The labeling of the generic risperidone may differ from that of Risperdal because some uses of the drug are protected by patents and exclusivity.

It does nothing to elucidate just what indications will be covered and how it will effect people who need to buy it. My google skills aren’t good enough for me to get to the bottom of this. My sincere apologies.

Being that I’m on .45 mg of liquid Risperdal now and still tapering, AND I just bought a 30 ml bottle that will last at least two months and more likely much longer, I’m hoping I won’t have to buy it ever again and the whole generic issue will be a moot point! Yes, I hope I’ll have tapered myself completely off by the end of this bottle.

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