Added benefits

There are benefits to seeing a holistic psychiatrist that have nothing to do with mental health—or at least only marginally so.

I have seen multiple benefits in my body and health since I started working with my new orthomolecular psychiatrist. There is all I’ve already told you about—the greatly improved sleeping and energy and continued psychiatric drug withdrawal without additional pain, but beyond that my psoriasis, which I’ve had my entire life is almost gone and I’ve lost 7 lbs without even trying. This is in just the three months I’ve been seeing her. She really is healing my whole body/mind and spirit.

As I’ve mentioned before as I come off the drugs I am more and more open to the spiritual once again too, like I was before I was on medications. That is the most important part of this experiment for me. That I regain my sense of spirit. So all sorts of things are changing and I expect I’ll notice other things as time goes by.

Long before I met this doctor improving my diet and nutrition made my hair grow about 3 times as fast (really) and it’s really shiny now and is even a bit thicker (I’ve always had very fine and thin hair.) Also probiotics and digestive enzymes cured me of 20 years of severe irritable bowel syndrome.

It’s not a just a cliche when people say you are what you eat. People should really get that and pay attention. Food and nutrients matter to all aspects of our being—body/mind and spirit.

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  1. Gianna–
    Well, you already know that you and I are on the same page on this one. What I was putting in my body for twenty years is probably what led to my bipolar diagnosis. I’m much more careful about what goes in my mouth now, and I’m seeing a huge difference in the way I feel, both physically and mentally.

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