I’ve been crazy busy (sneak peak at house)

We were approved for a loan and made an offer on the house tonight. It’s essentially been accepted. We have to initial one small change. The last three days have been a whirlwind of multiple phone calls, running around getting documentation, multiple meetings with multiple realtors and lenders and simply going non-stop.

And I’m still standing!! And not crazy!! And not totally exhausted. It’s really amazing.

I have not been online much, so I’m sorry if I’ve neglected your blogs or comments. I suspect this pace will continue for a bit. I hope I can continue like this for a while. I’m likely to get sick again at some point. The way the doc is working, the supplements heal my body to the point where the drugs start making me sick at which point it’s time to taper. The taper in turn can make me sick a while. So there is no guarantee how long this bout of awesome wellness will continue. But it bodes very well for a future of permanent wellness!

Here’s the house I expect to grow old in. It’s an Art’s and Crafts bungalow with a full partially finished basement on TWO lots—it’s a beautiful yard which allows my husband to feel like he is still in the country and that is important to him (and me too for that matter—though it was my push to live in town and not out in the boonies where we are now.) We have many beautiful very large old trees in the yard. Also the whole yard is fenced in which will make our dog very happy. She’s been on a very generous lead for while living in our current house. She’s also mostly an indoor dog, but this yard will feel like the wild to her.

Technically we could sell one lot and have a house built next to us—but we have no intention of doing that.

for more pictures click below:

Anyway the pictures don’t really do it justice and it will look totally different when we get our stuff in it, but you get the idea.

So, I guess everyone knows a house sale is not done until it’s done. Things could still go wrong. But god-willing we will be in this house by the end of summer. We’re on a thirty day closing schedule.

23 thoughts on “I’ve been crazy busy (sneak peak at house)

  1. It is really beautiful Gianna. I hope it all goes without a hitch. It looks really healthy, the whole area.


  2. Wonderful news, Gianna!

    And what a beautiful house! I love the way it nestles under the trees! Here’s wishing you many happy years of enjoyment there!

    I just watched a TV programme (Channel Five’s Property List) singing the praises of the house builders of the Arts and Crafts movement in Godalming, Surrey.

    Very appealing architecture!


  3. Gianna,

    Congratulations. What a dream house. I haven’t posted on my site or commented on yours in quite a while but I do take a gander on occasion. I am very glad I checked today and read your happy news.

    All the best for your continued healing,


  4. Gianna,

    All my best for a successful purchase. The house is just lovely. I suspect your brain is full of good chemicals right now because you’ve fallen in love! I’m so glad this is happening for you right now.

    I’ve got crossed fingers for ya,


  5. Oh, Gianna, your new house is adorable! I know it ain’t over till it’s over -but congratulations and best wishes in your new home.


  6. you can find them in the good neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods

    yes they certainly vary from simple to luxurious. My sister lives in an Arts and Crafts home…

    Hers is not a bungalow…it’s a 3 million dollar luxurious home.

    I like this little simple bungalow better!!

    though my sisters home is certainly beautiful.

    thank you for your well wishes…this seems to come at a time when I’m getting healthier and healthier, and you know I really went downhill when I moved here to NC and this house I’ve been living in…

    This will be a wonderful new beginning. A place to be well indeed!!


  7. There are many A & C homes here in Durham, NC in varying degrees of fancy ones, and fixer uppers…you can find them in the good neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods…I love them all…the big deep porches…usually a nice screened in side porch….large windows with the old fashioned antique glass with the quirky irregularities…hardwood floors…each room with it’s own character.

    We live in what’s called “Carolina T” farmhouse…it’s in a t-shape. I’ll send you a pic via email sometime. It was built in 1908, I think…with the wide plank heart of pine floors…


  8. Gianna,
    Is this a great house or what? You and your husband must be so thrilled. I think it’s a wonderful place to live and the acreage is amazing…well you know I live in Los Angeles, and the thought of so much land is wonderful.

    There are wonderful Arts and Crafts bungalows in Pasadena, and my husband and I drive out there just to look at them. I think your wonderful new house will be a great place to heal and to live a wonderfully happy and healthy life.

    With love,


  9. Gianna–

    Wow! What a beautiful, cozy, sunny space it looks like! That kitchen is gorgeous, and a fireplace, too! We had a fireplace in one of our apartments years ago, and I still miss it!

    I’m so happy for you!



  10. Arts and Crafts bungalows are one of my favorite types of houses

    Mine too!! Have been ever since I lived in one while I was in college…always dreamed of owning one someday…

    This really is a dream house…and what’s really neat is I don’t live in an area with many Art’s and Crafts homes….

    Where I went to college entire large multiple neighborhoods were Arts and Crafts.

    I was feeling rather bummed out looking where we live now because most of the homes here have absolutely no interesting architectural features…

    That was okay when we bought out first home because we didn’t expect to live in it forever. This, instead, we hope to stay in for the rest of our lives and it feels like a place I can do that!!


  11. I absolutely love it! Arts and Crafts bungalows are one of my favorite types of houses…it has a great, happy vibe about it.


  12. Beautiful! I especially like that there’s so much window area, and obviously a marvellous “green” view from all those windows. Congrats!


  13. thanks for everyone’s good wishes, and j12, yes! it does have a veggie garden behind the house which was a requirement for us. The awesome thing is that the extra lot has several large trees in it, but the yard behind the house is open and sunny, so it works!

    Homegrown organic veggies are a must!

    The only thing I didn’t get that I wanted was a claw foot tub! I love taking long baths in big tubs. My favorite houses have always been old. This is 1920. And some of the old houses I’ve rented in the past had nice old claw foot tubs. I wouldn’t go near a shower when I had those nice tubs.

    Alas, I didn’t get my tub….but everything else is beyond what we had come to expect. In our price range this house goes beyond blowing away everything else we looked at. It’s really a steal.


  14. Hi Gianna,

    After looking at the pics you posted, not only does it seem like a writer should live in it, this home looks like a beautiful place to put down some roots…speaking of roots, I’ll bet that extra lot has room for a great garden, AND your dog. ( I was reading some of your older posts and was really impressed that you grow your own veggies from May to October.) ‘So happy for you and your husband–hoping everything happens as smoothly as possible for you!


  15. GK – I’m back online after being away from months. … I’ve been posting again – but not sure how often I will be updating. Thanks for your interest.


  16. thank you! and great to see you!! is your site up or not? I keep seeing it come and go. I miss you!!

    Gonna check out the article now…how exciting!!


  17. Hey GK, awesome! looks so cozy and great sunny space! hope everything works out for you. this is a very positive change for you and yours.

    just wanted to send a heads up on an article – Hoffer is on the cover of sz magazine – good stuff on ortho med – http://www.schizophreniadigest.com – spring issue if you haven’t read it yet.


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