Disturbing Diversion

Pet’s on psychoactive drugs. Apparently there is also a market for pet liposuction! Who’s sick here, the pets or the owners? I can see a future where I don’t bring my pet to the vet. I already hate going there because they already push all sort of unecessary crap on animals, much like our doctors do with us.

They call it the “humanization” of animals.

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  1. For folks who have a pet who is facing euthanasia due to a behavioral issue, maybe, MAYBE prozac could be an option.

    I have a rescued dog with big issues, including fear-based and territorial aggression. After he bit me (ME!), my vet recommended Reconcile (name for dog prozac) as an alternative to euthanizing him or turning him into a shelter, which would euthanize him due to the aggression.

    He was so passive and quiet, and seemed so unhappy, I was motivated to seek out the third trainer/behaviorist I ahve worked with.

    Apparently the third time was a charm. The drug certainly seemed to produce side effects that were as unpleasant for the dog as his aggression was for me. Plus ca change…


  2. Unfortunately I am aware of this trend. I even have an acquaintance who was a vet assistant and she got out of the field because they were pushing so many drugs for pets.

    I also belong to a support group for dogs and some people on that list use doggie psycho-active drugs. We are using “dog psychology.”


  3. How ridiculous is that ! Thanks for the update I had not heard of this and I need to know what to avoid! I am a tried and true animal lover. Annie


  4. Wait until the stories of pets mauling children and owners as they come off anti depressants start circulating. Then there will be a canine bipolar epidemic in puppies. Good grief when will people get a grip.



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