Cut them and they bleed

Norman Kunc was born with cerebral palsy, Although the doctors recommended that he be institutionalized, Norman’s parents ignored their advice and took him home. Norman has received a Masters of Science in Family Therapy and become a well-known disability rights advocate, yet he has always been haunted by what his life might have been like had his parents followed the doctors’ advice.

In a collage of powerful images set to poignant music, Norman Kunc expresses the terror of almost having been incarcerated for life.

A life like this is what many people who have been labeled with psychiatric illness can look forward to. If not within the confines of an institution then behind the fog of too many drugs.

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  1. OMG, Gianna.

    I couldn’t finish watching it, too upsetting. One of my biggest fears too.

    Things really haven’t changed for the mentally ill in institutions since St. Mary’s of Bethlehem was built in London, except for modern plumbing.

    Forget about Ken Kesey, this should be required watching.

  2. What authority does to people can be terrible. Absolutes do not exist. As in there is no hope, no way for improvement, no future when there could be or might be a future.

    Its strange funny in treating and surviving cancer with statistically low odds, the docotrs promote hope and success.

    In mental illness or (brain damage in the past) doctor rarely promote hope and success. and if they do the hope and success will come from magical psychiatry medicines, not from within the persons spirit or soul. Willingness to prosper and get better.

    I suppose it feeds the psychiatrists needs.

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