A kitty just for fun

For the cat lovers among us only—of which I know there are many:

And for beautiful and touching post written by a cat lover and an awesome blogger too…click here.

5 thoughts on “A kitty just for fun

Add yours

  1. Oh that’s hilarious – now I have to train Jo-Jo to ride on MY Roomba-knockoff!
    These days on of his favorite things is coming up behind me in the bathroom & sinking his teeth into my Achilles tendon (ouch!). I know, I know – post pix!


  2. Gianna, that is amazing. My girl hates the vacuum cleaner. Do your girls hate it too?

    I followed the hyperlink to that amazing website, and left a message. Will spend the rest of the night reading his blog and adding it to my blogroll. What a nice blog to read during a bout of insomnia. Thank you.

    Hug to your fur babies, cats and dogs. (And hubby of course too, though he isn’t a fur baby, is he?)



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