James Gordon—meditation and movement

I found both these little videos by James Gordon to be very good for people who are just learning about meditation and movement.

The first video on meditation is not the one that was in his class. Or at least it’s just part of it. What I was most impressed with was how he said it’s okay to start with just 3 or 4 minutes a day maybe 3 or 4 times a day. So many people choose not to meditate because it feels overwhelming to sit still for even 20 minutes. So start slow and easy. Personally I do think there is value in working up to as much as you can tolerate, but the key is making it easy and doable from the start and knowing even a little is better than nothing:

The second video is a movement video which I’m actually using a bit now. I’m so debilitated and sore and stiff doing his “shaking” for a couple of minutes really helps me. I do think it’s a good, relaxing movement for anyone even if they have a very good exercise regimen in place.

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