To the person who promised me a donation

Most people may not know there is a donation button on my side-bar. I’ve never mentioned it. I don’t expect donations though they are nice. I work my ass off here.

The thing is the other day someone promised me a donation. I actually called this person while they were seeking information desperately and spent quite a long time on the phone helping them find their footing and giving them direction in terms of where to find further resources. I called them in the midst of feeling sick as hell. I had a brief reprieve and spent it with a stranger rather than a friend. Again, I chose to do this and did not expect anything. This person though told me he would be sending a donation at the end of the phone call. If you do that, well, then, by my being human, I end up expecting it and lo and behold nothing came in.

So do me the favor and respect of either continuing to enjoy my services for free or not telling me you are going to donate and then not do it. That’s called lying.

thank you.

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