Off topic (but not entirely) Memes and Temes—Susan Blackmore at TED Talks

I found this talk interesting. That’s all. I don’t have a developed opinion about what she is talking about. I do know that I am involved in trying to spread relatively unpopular memes about. As far as her next assertion about “temes,” well it’s sort of beyond my level of cognitive functioning to really think deeply or profoundly about it right now. Maybe some of you will want to have at it in the comment section.

From the TED site:

Susan Blackmore is dedicated to understanding the scientific nature of consciousness. Her latest work centers on the existence of memes — little bits of knowledge, lore, habit that seem to spread themselves using human brains as mere carriers. She’s exploring the existence of a new class of meme, spread by human technology. It’s temporarily named the “teme.”

She has written about memes, consciousness, and near-death experiences; has appeared on the British Big Brother to discuss the psychology of the participants; and writes for the Guardian UK.

“She took Richard Dawkins’ intuition about memes (ideas that, like genes, take a life of their own) and turned it into a fully fledged theory.” —Bruno Giussani, TED Blog

4 thoughts on “Off topic (but not entirely) Memes and Temes—Susan Blackmore at TED Talks

  1. I’m by no means 100% comfortable with all this woman says….I simply find it intriguing…

    I also know nothing about Richard Dawkins except his name…

    she is a very disciplined Buddhist as well and I think does some teaching of Buddhism…

    along with being a biologist…


  2. Hm, I find Richard Dawkins rather disturbing. Haven’t quite figured out why yet, though. Maybe it has got something to do with, that I watched a vid some time ago where he reads the intro to “The God Delusion”. Somewhat arrogantly dismissive of not just religion, but spirituality as a whole. But well, guess I have to watch this vid before I say more…


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