Video: Ray Sandford, advocates, speak out against forced shock treatments

It is beyond me how this can be continuing. For a long list of updates on the issue, many of which I’ve posted on this blog visit MindFreedom.

Found this at Rayne’s World. Read her commentary here. I’m too pooped this morning.

8 thoughts on “Video: Ray Sandford, advocates, speak out against forced shock treatments

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  1. OMG. This is so powerful…thank you for sharing. I’m going to spread this everywhere. I’ve been following Ray’s story and it angers and terrifies me. When I think of what he’s going through I want to cry.


  2. That’s Right Gianna. Then if the Video itself gets pulled down off of youtube (like the ones on Nemeroff which Stephany had) You’ll Still have it on your Hard Drive.


  3. Stephany suggested saving the video. has a free browser toolbar add on for firefox and explorer which does that. I’ve heard of problems with explorer but it works fine on firefox.


  4. It is beyond me too! I also posted this on my blog AND I contacted my relatives in Minnesota and told them if they are acquainted with anyone in a position of power in the Lutheran Church and Lutheran Social Services to please make this issue aware to them.

    Lutherans have traditionally been spokespeople in justice issues. There is no reason why they are not tackling this and coming to the forefront.



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