Ray Sandford petition—can I ask why with hundreds of you visiting only 10 of you have signed this petition?

Honestly folks. Click this link and sign the damn thing. It takes about one minute.

Please let me watch my stats jump on clicks out to this link. I can’t imagine what’s stopping you.

From the petition site:

Ray is a 55-year-old Minnesota resident who is regularly  receiving “Involuntary Outpatient Maintenance Electroshock.”
Involuntary outpatient electroshock (IOE) is part of a trend to bring the power of forced psychiatric procedures out into the community.

Your home is no longer your castle… it can become your ward. For example, most USA states have quietly passed laws allowing individuals living at home to be court ordered to take powerful psychiatric drugs against their will. It was only a matter of time until such outpatient coercion included electroshock.

Electroshock itself has made a comeback throughout the USA, and internationally, without adequate human rights protection.

Ray is receiving so-called “maintenance” ongoing weekly electroshock over his expressed wishes while living at home. Falsely believing “new improved” electroshock is safe, the mental health system is at times administering more than 100 “maintenance” electroshocks to a single individual over months and years.

This could happen to Ray. Even his mother, who is a retired nurse who used to administer involuntary electroshocks back in the 1950’s, is concerned by the sheer number of forced shocks he has received.

This could happen to anyone.

This could happen to you or a loved one.

The mental health system today has a lot of “buzz words” like empowerment, self-determination, advocacy, recovery, peer support, transformation, consumer-run, trauma-informed care.

How real are buzz words, when Ray Sandford gets forced outpatient electroshock each week?

Watch the youtube again if you need to be convinced:

And one more time, background history, and info on who to write and call please visit MindFreedom.

15 thoughts on “Ray Sandford petition—can I ask why with hundreds of you visiting only 10 of you have signed this petition?

      1. I hope you’re kidding!! it was not a correction! I agreed with you…BUT it’s no coincidence that I had one of the highest out click counts after shaming all my readers? wouldn’t you agree!

        also, thank you everyone!!


        1. good, I’m suffering from a bit of paranoia…nasty people don’t like me and my blog is getting uncomfortably popular…I don’t know how real famous people deal with all the shit that is said about them.


        2. hmmm…I did a typo which I fixed…unpopular instead of popular…the thing is with the high stats come both supporters and detractors and the detractors sting…my last K taper has left me very sensitive.


        3. I’m glad you asked me if you weren’t sure. I know it’s hard to tell with me sometimes. Real people, not just fictitious ones like you, sometimes aren’t sure if I’m joking or not.


  1. Signed. And Gianna, wordpress stats aren’t accurate. That includes outgoing clicks, referring links, and what pages have been viewed. Not all of them are counted.


  2. I watched the video & will sign the petition. I feel very afraid of where our government is heading. We are losing so many of our freedoms and ability to make choices appropriate to our own unique circumstances.


  3. Hi there, I had signed something but maybe not this one and I had written letters. Thanks for posting this. When I get more caught up on stumble, I can send it out. I have to catch up a little on things people send me, a sort of give and take thing…I really appreciate what you are doing. I put a link to your blog here in this blog I am doing: http://sonoran-scrawl.livejournal.com/

    Thanks so much, Peace, Nancy


  4. I have signed it. I don’t think ECT should be given without the person agreeing to it.

    Am not particularly comfortable that ECT is still used as treatment for mental illness but know someone who says it helps them.

    It was tried on my father (with his consent) and did nothing to alleviate his symptoms.

    I would be mortified if I was forced to have ECT.


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