Please help my friend

I spoke with the detox center today. I will be admitted with no problem but if she does not come up with the cash they are too small of a facility to be able to afford taking someone on who does not pay upfront.

I cried when I got off the phone. I called my husband in here and said, “How can I go if she doesn’t? She could die. Her situation is much more dire. She deserves this more than I do.”

Life is not fair and if I go to this center and get off the last of the benzos that are making me totally disabled, but my friend dies, how do I live with that??

The money given to me by my family members cannnot be transferred to my friend. That would not be acceptable to my family. And so I’m in this confusing and painful situation.

My friend continues to look to family and friends for funds. She has raised some. We’ve got $1,500 here. Let’s keep trying, huh? Perhaps people in her life will still come through. It is in fact not entirely unlikely from what she has been telling me, but I am still afraid.

Donate here—remember to hit the funky link…the button is just for show.“>btn_donatecc_lg1

Also if you’d like a snail mail address just say so in the comments or shoot me an email.

One thought on “Please help my friend

  1. Dear Gianna,
    I hope you make it to the Detox Centre, as much as I also pray that it will be possible for your friend to attend. You are being the most wonderful, loving, caring and supportive friend, doing your utmost to make this happen. I imagine that your determination to find a solution, actions which hopefully inspire a family to support a member, has been so very much appreciated. I know when we care for someone, we attempt to move heaven and earth to help. We just do it!
    You need this too. You are also a valued, loved individual whom others would hope could benefit from this experience.
    Every good wish, thoughts and prayers are with you.


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