Seeking submissions

Hi everybody! It’s actually me. I’m still taking a break but not so much because I want to. I’m really THAT sick. I’ve been unable to do much of anything but curl up in bed. I’m glad I’m off to get help tomorrow. Evenings are always my best time.

If anyone is interested in submitting articles, stories, poetry—whatever, please do. Let’s keep Beyond Meds going even as I am ill. I am leaving tomorrow but am only driving 5 hours a day so I will have time in the evenings and mornings to check and see if there are submissions. Tomorrow I will schedule a post by my good friend Judith. And robertoamadeo has some stuff scheduled too.

I’m still on break and not responding to comments and emails for the most part but I can’t stay away completely. It seems beyond me. Ha!! Beyond me, beyond meds…didn’t mean to do that.

So think about submitting stuff and as soon as I feel better I will resume writing.

If you want to submit just leave a comment and I will get back to you.


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