Found an Apple Store to fix my computer

I have my little MacBook back with a brand new keyboard so it looks like a brand new computer which is really cool.

The guy was great and fixed it on the spot when my mom brought it in. And let me tell you buying AppleCare, the insurance for this machine, has been the best investment EVER. It’s more than paid for itself and if I didn’t have it I wouldn’t have a computer right now!

Anyway, I’m leaving comments off and am not sure how much I’ll be posting. Though posting seems to be the only thing that keeps me sane so it’s likely stuff will continue to emerge.

I’m sick to say the least and I am not up to answering comments/emails etc.

I also seem to have totally offended a woman who wrote a rather interesting comment that in my opinion deserved and required a well thought out response and so I did not post it. She, unfortunately took it personally and was a new reader and discontinued her new association with my by unsubscribing. It bothered me a bit since it was so NOT personally about her at all. So now I just need to stop accepting all comments for a while.

I don’t think some people understand how crippled I am no matter how many times I talk about it. I sound good but I’m really grossly limited as to what my energy can go into. I can see how that can be puzzling. So adios for now in terms of personal interaction, but I will post bits and pieces for y’all to think about.

Friends with relationships with me, please feel free to check in by email.

Peace to you all.

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