Food Inc. — what are you really eating and where does our food come from?

A movie that looks like it’s worth watching. Food Inc. A movie by Robert Kenner.

It’s supposed to be in theatres this month.

UPDATE: The last long segment in this Colbert Report is interviewing one of the producers from this movie.

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  1. that all sounds heavenly Bonnie…we’re getting there but not completely there yet…it’s possible here where I live though…

    we have grown all our spring and summer organic veggies now for several years though.

    the winter is long here though and it’s not possible in the winter…unless we put up a greenhouse which is conceivable! We did a mini one at our last house and had a few greens all year long, but not enough for all our produce needs like the rest of the year.

  2. Truly I am grateful and blessed to live in a place where I can harvest rainwater, grow my own organic vegies, culinary and medicinal herbs, and barter/trade for meat, eggs (which I have not bought at a grocery store in years-even if I buy them from a friend, they’re way less expensive than the grocer), milk, and cheeses that are locally grown, range freely, without pesticides or chemicals. I am amazed by the abundance of local wild harvestable foods too. The desert never ceases to delight me. Fewer trips to the grocery store, well I don’t miss that a bit!

  3. Funny, I was just thinking of that movie…it starts around where I live (NYC metro) June 16th…very much looking forward to seeing it!

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