CNN tonight: Are we overmedicating our children

From CNN’s schedule for tonight:

Campbell Brown: The Great Debate: Are we overmedicating our kids? Join Campbell Brown as she discusses this issue, tonight!

5 pm PST
8pm EST

I have no idea who this woman is or how she will treat the subject but thought I’d give y’all a heads up.

8 thoughts on “CNN tonight: Are we overmedicating our children

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  1. I hate and loathe the title of this article!!!
    It implies that we should be ‘correctly’ medicating our children



    1. well, yeah…Fox news is the only mainstream media station that actually gets it right though…let’s see if CNN does or not, like I said I doubt it will…Fox has a record of totally slamming SSRIs big time…they aren’t half-assed about it at all…it is unfortunate that they are not credible to almost anyone I know, but other news stations don’t generally give blatantly outright negative reports. In fact I’ve not seen it anywhere else…and in general the liberal media is REALLY bad on psych drugs and very cozy with the likes of NAMI.


  2. Sadly, I tend to agree that the show is unlikely to get it right. It is such a discouraging issue at times. On my website I provide an annual scholarship and was shocked to get an entry from someone on the suject of INFANT bipolar! Given that in my experience, some of the most reliable red-flags for mania are grandiosity, over-spending , and hypersexuality, I had a lot of trouble seeing how these could apply to a newborn. There was so much publicity about Dr Biederman and his fake “research” that I really hoped that by now the whole meds for kiddies craze would be exposed – I guess we will just have to watch and see!


  3. she won’t get it right…but hopefully it will move the discourse over into the realm of considering the fact that we are poisoning our children for at least a few people out there.


  4. Let’s hope she gets it right. And then let’s see a Whole lot More programs follow her getting it right in that the Whole Child Drugging epidemic is So Wrong.



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