Lamictal redux

pills_lamictalLamictal withdrawal started my physical demise.


The Lamictal withdrawal from hell post has long been the most viewed page on this blog.

I figured it was time to gather my Lamictal posts in one place. I’ve been off Lamictal for about a couple of years now. My grave disability continues. Granted, I am at the tail end of a benzo withdrawal and I’ve met others withdrawing from benzos alone who are this gravely ill. I remind everyone that my situation is complex in that I was on 6 drugs.

**Withdrawal from final drug was completed on February 9th 2o10

Nonetheless the downhill physical trajectory undeniably started with the Lamictal withdrawal.

What’s worse as shown in some of the links below, research now shows that Lamictal is no better than placebo and they pretty much knew this all along.

So here is a collection of stuff on Lamictal that I will put permanently among the “tabs” up at the top of the page.

I remind you all, too, that any neurotoxic psychiatric medication (unfortunately all psych meds are toxic) can cause this sort of problem and I’ve seen it in all withdrawal groups of all psychiatric classes of drug. People like to imagine their drug is especially toxic and horrible while the truth is much more complicated. Every drug acts differently in every person. So it helps no one to assume anything from only your experience (or mine). Below along with my experience is the experience of many of my readers in the comment section.

For information on withdrawal in general and alternatives to taking this med to begin with please visit the about page.

A tip for those who find it’s too difficult to taper with adult pills which come in 25 mg at the smallest, those of use who need to taper much slower find that that pediatric pills come in very handy. You can get 5 mg pills and 2 mg pediatric pills and cut them in pieces to taper even more slowly if need be.

updated 2/10

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