A New Approach To Mental Health

From WildMind and Talk Radio News Service this sort of thing is where real healing is at:

In places like Sudan, in the heart of Africa, the local doctor does not have the option of prescribing psychiatric drugs to patients, as the cost would be prohibitive. Most people there have some type of post-traumatic stress disorder after having seen villages burned and relatives and friends killed right in front of them. Years of hunger, war and families being torn apart by forced slavery have taken their toll. Women find it difficult to sleep in their huts – if they can sleep at all. Many women and men are disturbed throughout the day by flashbacks of the murder and mayhem they’ve witnessed.

For the good people of Sudan, there are only a few cures for their symptoms: prayer, religion and connections to supportive groups in their villages and learning some of the techniques that might have a direct impact on their symptoms. One NGO, Christian Solidarity International, has supported a group of women who have learned a basic breathing technique called coherent breathing. They have been performing this technique daily for five months and are reporting great progress in terms of their ability to cope with their lives. No meds, no shrinks, just the breathing and the support of the other women who come to the group.

There are other techniques, as well as people who are working to make symptom relief available at low or no cost. Dr. James Gordon has worked for years at his Center for Mind Body Medicine. He recently worked in Haiti, teaching techniques to help people deal with the stresses of trauma and loss following the earthquake. His training involves providing low-cost help to those who could never access health care. (read whole article here)

It sounds so beautifully humane and includes no toxic substances to steal health from the people who need healing.

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