NUMB the movie: documentary on SSRI withdrawal

Finally released for this sneak preview.

Minnesota filmmaker Phil Lawrence tries to wean himself off anti-depressant medicine, to avoid the pills’ effects of leaving him emotionally “numb,” and documents the profound changes that affect him and his family. –City Pages

After years of living with side effects, a suburban dad puts his life on the line as he attempts to break free from the physical and psychological grip of the most prescribed drug in the United States – Antidepressants.

What would happen if you decided to stop taking antidepressants?  This film documents the drastic effects on the filmmaker’s physical and psychological well-being after giving up his medications in his quest to stop feeling “numb.”  It also reveals the impact his journey had on his family as well as revealing startling information about antidepressants that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know.

Phil always wanted to feel emotion and now he feels it too much. It’s painful and riveting to watch a man’s life unravel on video. But it is also incredibly compelling because so many of us know someone whose life has been touched by antidepressants and we understand the dilemma.

In the end, Phil makes a haunting decision as he realizes that he’s trapped in a physical and psychological dependence on the most prescribed drug in the United States.

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