The Real ‘Precious:’ Beyond Pity Porn

By Diane D’Angelo Last week I went shopping for “new” used clothes. I really hate spending much money for stuff to wear through the wretchedness that is a Phoenix summer, where the challenge is to cover what you absolutely must with the lightest fabric possible. As I flipped through the racks – slide, slide, slide... Continue Reading →

Forced treatment, nervous breakdowns and trauma in childhood: news and blogs on Wednesday

Midweek reading: Assisted Outpatient Treatment (with a note) -- Truly Noodled -- "The Doody Man", E Fuller Torrey, has an op-ed in today's NY Times, Making Kendra's Law Permanent. In the article, Torrey cherry picks among the statistics that are available in studies of the laws effectiveness and ignores vital information entirely. On the Verge... Continue Reading →

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