“This is a brain injury situation”

I am sharing with you all today the words of my neuro psych doc who has been on this journey with me from the beginning. He’s one of my biggest fans who passes my blog onto shrinks of all stripes. I also attribute his influence being the catalyst that got me going on freeing myself from psychiatric drugs.

I sent him an email recently with an update on my condition and asked him when I could resume neurofeedback with him (he is pretty much one of the leading docs in the country and extraordinarily knowledgable about neuroplasticity and the brain that can heal itself)

As long as things are as you’re describing I’d likely continue to wait. Things are going to be sorting themselves out for a while longer. I look at this like a brain injury situation and in those circumstances I suggest waiting six months. So, I’d think about getting back together in August or so. Right now you need to focus on convalescing and healing. It’ll take a long time and I think we can help with the process, but right now I feel like you’re doing what you need to do.

Yeah folks, you heard that from a doc who studies the brain…he sees this as a brain injury situation!

Many thanks to my kind and wonderful doctor who allowed me to print these words and who always listens and hears.

For those of you just arriving today the using and withdrawing of psychiatric drugs is the cause of this brain injury.

Update: Rossa Forbes just linked here. I like that she stressed that this is damage that can indeed heal. Most people do recover completely.  In fact, most people find health and contentment they never had before. That said, what is happening to countless people is still criminal and most will never know what has happened to them when they are suffering as no one will ever tell them. Countless people are sick and don’t know why. They often find us in withdrawal groups and can’t believe most of their problems are the drugs.

This phenomena is also by no means isolated to just benzos and I do not mean to imply this is all benzo related for me. I’m spending time in benzo groups right now is all as they are the most organized users of psychotropics. Lots of people on any psychotropic can have many of the same issues oddly enough even though different classes work on different neurotransmitter etc. I’ve seen much of the same things in other groups of psychotropic users and on my blog when I was accepting comments and email.

More info here: Neuropsych doctor confirms thoughts about psychiatric drug iatrogenisis, PTSD, brain injury

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