Learn How Your Inner Cynic Can Help You Create The Life You Want

I’ve been really loving all the critiques of the positive thinking craze that have been emerging. It’s so nice to see things come to balance. Here is another piece that helps bring sanity. There is nothing wrong with thinking positively, as long as it’s done at appropriate times! Alternately we must tame our inner cynic so that it doesn’t beat us up. It’s all in the balance.

From Dumb Little Man

The positive psychology movement has helped to bring psychology out of the mental wards and into the hands of the average healthy and relatively successful person. For the most part, positive psychologies offer a much more healthy view of humanity than previous models.

But we have a problem. A lot of ‘gurus’ in the positive psychology movement these days perpetuate a message that you shouldn’t allow yourself to have fears or “negative” thoughts and feelings. Theadvice is geared towards a belief that you should doggedly focus on your vision and you should never entertain thoughts about potential obstacles because you’ll then falter. I disagree. There’s a time and a place to shine the light on fears, negative thoughts and feelings, obstacles and problems. So I’m here to ask you to consider welcoming your inner negative cynic back. S/he’s incredibly resourceful and has your best interests at heart, after all.

Here are some of the resources that your inner cynic has to offer that will help you to create more of the life you want

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