My communication limitations

I continue to not be able to read much, nor correspond, except lightly with those who understand how impaired I am.  I communicate mostly with close friends and very occasionally with people who publish on the blog.

If people are unable to understand my severe impairments I cannot continue communication and this seems to confuse a lot of people since I publish the blog. Yet if one reads it I repeatedly speak of how I don’t (closely) read virtually anything on it and most of what I do is perfunctory at this point…on rare occasion I stun even myself by writing something pretty articulate. For these things I’m completely at the mercy of my tired muse. Also, this is all I do, I have no other life, social or otherwise, so it’s no surprise I produce something. I do this and I do things to rehab my body and mind. The rest of my time is spent resting and meditating, often in various kinds of pain…most of my time is still in bed, though I’m not bedridden anymore.

Otherwise, those things I cover on the blog I tend to have well established neuro-pathways and so some subjects still get covered pretty darn well. I also often employ close friends to help me with excerpting and understanding material and sometimes writing comments for me, which I do note.

I’m sorry. Some day I’ll be back in the running, but for now, I have to take care of myself.

I continue having to limit communication even with my husband with whom I live, so prioritizing how I spend my energy anywhere else is extremely important and I have to do it pretty much with impunity.

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