Tart cherry for pain (in my case the pain of psychiatric drug withdrawal)

I discovered for the second time that Tart Cherry extract really helps the pain associated with withdrawal syndrome. This is pain that often gets mistook to be fibromyalgia when in fact it’s caused by the psychiatric drugs and the withdrawal from them. It’s possible though that this may help those with fibro too as it’s conceivably helpful for pain in general as an anti inflammatory. This is an anecdote but it’s backed with some clinical studies.

I started taking it a while ago more as a way to ingest natural melatonin as I don’t do well with the synthesized supplements. I’ve tried both the cherry juice concentrate and the extract in pills or capsules. The juice was simply too sweet. The capsules have been my preference.

I discontinued them  a while back as I developed an allergy to raspberries and so cut out most high salicylate foods as a precaution. Pain that had greatly diminished returned. I thought it was interesting but being that many salicylate foods are also anti-inflammatory I didn’t think much about it and slowly added back by salicylate foods including the tart cherry. My pain again remitted, though I didn’t know what a role the tart cherry was playing until I ran out of it for a week and again, pain I’d not had in months returned. I’m a convert now. I will take my tart cherry until my body has had much more time to recover.

My pain includes muscle pain/soreness and rigidity and spasms. I also sometimes have spinal pain and sometimes the pain feels deep in my bones.

Tart cherry is high in antioxidants and since it’s also got a wee bit of melatonin in it so it can help calm and sleep as well…

As I said I prefer the capsules because they are not sweet — when I tried the juice concentrate the sugar triggered anxiety several different times and indeed in general I do not touch sugar. Natural fruit sugars when concentrated can still be problematic for those of us sensitive to sugar so be aware of that in general.

As a side note I add lots of anti inflammatory foods and spices to my diet as well and it’s possible they all work together…but I sure noticed not taking the tart cherry at all…and I didn’t expect it either time actually.

Anti inflammatory foods and diet can potentially help any and all pain  (nothing is a cure-all) and neither has my heavy anti inflammatory diet been a cure-all for me but it’s certainly taken a big chunk out of pain. I went from not tolerating being even lightly touched by another human being to being able to be hugged again. I’m still achy most days but it’s a far cry from the pain I experience at times.

There are also clinical trials reported by medical sites that have looked at this…

Here is one study…this is in “normal” people with “normal” pain — but the fact is it works like a NSAID…again…suggesting it can ease any pain without the potential problems of pharmaceutical NSAIDs.

Perhaps this will help someone else.

This is the product I use because it’s sugar free and vitacost has very good prices: Tart Cherry Extract

I don’t recommend the tart cherry syrups because they’re loaded with sugar. (tasty, but loaded with sugar!)

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