Psychology — the study of the soul

PSYCHOLOGY “study of the soul” (ψυχή, psukhē, meaning “breath”, “spirit”, or “soul”); and (-λογία -logia, translated as “study of” or “research”)

Before excessive drug treatments NIMH declared depression “on the whole” a diagnosis with best prognosis for recovery: not so anymore

Robert Whitaker's website -- Links to studies showing that depression with much greater frequency becomes a life long chronic problem with the advent of the use of drugs. Antidepressants/Depression A. The Natural Course of Depression Prior to the widespread use of antidepressants, the National Institute of Mental Health told the public that people regularly recovered... Continue Reading →

“Bipolar Disorder” before the psychopharmaceutical era

From Robert Whitaker's website links showing how bipolar disorder, too, has been exacerbated since the advent of heavy pharmacological intervention. Polypharmacy/Bipolar illness A. Bipolar Illness Before the Psychopharmacology Era Prior to 1955, bipolar illness was a rare disorder. There were only 12,750 people hospitalized with that disorder in 1955. In addition, there were only about... Continue Reading →

Benzodiazepines, too cause chronic issues and rebound “anxiety” that is a much worse monster than anything initially treated

A collection of studies on Robert Whitaker's website that show how benzodiazepines create worse havoc in the bodies of those given them: Benzodiazepines/Anxiety In the early 1980s, governmental medical authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom concluded that benzodiazepines were addictive and should not be used on a long-term basis. Studies showed that... Continue Reading →

Antipsychotics often cause chronicity/long-term disability

Robert Whitaker has a page on his website that puts an entire history of the damning evidence of neuroleptics together on one page. This is only one class of psychotropic. Similar sorts of aggravating results can be found with the other classes of psychiatric drugs as well. Below is the introduction to the page. What... Continue Reading →

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