A suicide prevention poster from the Icarus Project

Most of the suicide-prevention posters I’ve seen (admittedly not that many – the topic is still pretty taboo in our society), are aimed solely at the loved ones and close friends of the person in danger.  How to recognize the signs of suicidality, who to call, etc.  Somewhat helpful, I guess, but shouldn’t we be addressing, in some way, the person who is actually considering this extreme action?  It’s as if the assumption is that person is beyond reason, beyond understanding (if you want to get explicit about it, not really human anymore), so there’s no point talking to him.

That’s why I like this poster from the Icarus Project so much; it speaks directly from one survivor to another (future) survivor.


[Download the poster here]

They have a couple other posters available for download here.  I have a feeling these would appeal more to a younger crowd (graphically, at least) — but it’s a good start, and it would be great to see a larger variety of awareness media that focused on speaking directly to affected populations (survivors and future survivors) of all ages.

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