Update: Action to uphold human rights successful

This is an upate to let you all know that Alison Hymes was NOT sent to a long-term facility this morning. Our efforts were successful. I think this proves that when we all band together, we can fight the oppressive forces of psychiatry. Alison had very little family support, but she had the love and support of people whose lives she touched in Virginia, all across the States, and the world. This explanation was written by her friend, Tina.

OKAY! I just spoke to Alison’s doctor and he said she seemed great and that he wouldn’t even be concerned about her driving skills, but then tried to chalk it up to the high dose of seroquel. she just got better in the last 3 days because of us. i reminded him that those statements about her functioning aren’t compatible with commitment criteria. he agreed. I think he [is] going to discharge her.

And discharge her, he did. Tina is making the long trek down to Charlottesville to care for Alison around the clock as she recovers from iatrogenic trauma and medical torture. This threat of long-term institutionalization was a matter of life and death – NOT an exaggeration – she had organ system failure that was not being addressed by her psychiatric “care” and would not be addressed at the facility she would have been sent to. Those of us who have followed her story feared that she wouldn’t have survived.

Thank you to all who signed the petition. Alison credits her quick turnaround to the love and support she received. We pulled together, and we saved a life today! We expect Alison to recover and thrive, and are certain that she will continue to be a strong advocate in our community.

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