Heal the gut — heal the body and mind

 All disease begins in the gut. – Hippocrates

(what he knew way back when is finding a resurgence today. There is a lot of talk of the importance of gut flora in the science media these days. Unfortunately the conclusions they come to generally involve excitement of new possibilities for pharma. Pharma is not the answer and there are people who know how to go about systematically healing the gut right now with information that’s been available for a long time but not utilized.)

Heal the gut and you heal the body and mind: “Body Ecology Diet” and “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” — two MDs across the world from one another come to the same conclusions

These videos I’m sharing below speak specifically to autism, but the fact is that the gut issues discussed in these videos are relevant to anyone with gut issues as well as to a lot of people with all manner of chronic disease and therefore can be helpful to many people with psychiatric issues as well.

As I’ve written before many times on this blog, people labeled with psychiatric disorders often have serious gut issues. You might call them co-morbid, but the fact is they are often linked and related to one another. These gut issues are usually labeled Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. Most of the people I’ve worked with in circles of people who have been labeled with psychiatric diagnosis also have issues with their gut.

The discoveries these two doctors made, separately, across the world from one another apply to most autoimmune disease and many Western chronic illnesses in general too. Our modern culture has been systematically destroying our gut flora and we need healthy gut flora to remain healthy in body, mind and spirit and so it makes sense that their discovery for treating the gut helps such a vast array of ailments.

I recommend both these books which discuss diet that heals the gut:

The two authors who wrote the above books speak below in a six part video. This was the video series I watched years ago not realizing that the contents of it was of utter importance to my wellbeing. I knew it had some significance but did not realize just how much.

Recently I came upon the same information in autoimmune disease communities online as I was seeking ways to get better from all the physical issues I developed as a result of withdrawing from the psychiatric drugs. I’ve discovered that much of our health is intimately linked to the health of our gut. Ironic is the fact that I’ve been on this bandwagon from the beginning of this quest and yet it still took several years to find the foundational information that I might really heal my gut. I had, up until I discovered this work for the second time been only flirting with healing my gut but didn’t know it. Now in just over a month my life continues to change as my health improves. I have a long way to go. One does not recover over night from being bedbound for over 2 years and housebound for even longer (I was very sick), but now I know that I have the right prescription to continue getting well.

I suspect this would help a whole lot of people I know get better too. I suspect making incremental changes as suggested by these two women could help a large percentage of people with withdrawal syndromes similar to my own. I do not ever assume that anything is appropriate for everyone however.

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