Now Antidepressant-Induced Chronic Depression Has a Name: Tardive Dysphoria

Robert Whitaker continues to be on the ball. His latest article on psychology today is about the phenomena of chronic depression being caused by anti-depressant use. This is good documented evidence for those who still want to believe drugs are always the answer. Most of us were not ever told about these sorts of risks.

Three recently published papers, along with a report by a Minnesota group on health outcomes in that state, provide new reason to mull over this question: Do antidepressants worsen the long-term course of depression? As I wrote in Anatomy of an Epidemic, I believe there is convincing evidence that the drugs do just that. These latest papers add to that evidence base. (the whole article)

Whitaker’s been saying this for a while and collected such information in the past.

This post from a year ago also speaks to this issue: Before excessive drug treatments NIMH declared depression “on the whole” a diagnosis with best prognosis for recovery: not so anymore.

Whitaker’s two seminal works on psychiatry:

And lots more of Whitaker’s work on this blog here.

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