World mental health day? Push back!

I didn't know today was "world mental health day." I find these days and months marking causes irritating in general -- important issues are important every day. In any case MindFreedom asks us to peacefully push back. And this is a good way to use this day. From MindFreedom: It's time to peacefully push back against... Continue Reading →

Are you “isolating” and “withdrawing” or do you just need to spend some time alone?

In mainstream mental health circles we are encouraged to believe that "isolating" or "withdrawing" is always bad, that it is in fact pathological. This is really too bad, as part of healing from mental distress for most people requires spending some time alone. Unfortunately, we find that in professional mental health circles this very natural inclination is often maligned and people are shamed if they show a propensity toward needing time alone....

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