World mental health day? Push back!

I didn’t know today was “world mental health day.” I find these days and months marking causes irritating in general — important issues are important every day.

In any case MindFreedom asks us to peacefully push back. And this is a good way to use this day.

From MindFreedom:

It’s time to peacefully push back against the “label, label, label, drug, drug, drug” bullying of the mental health system, that is globalizing as never before. A good day to do that is October 10, which is World Mental Health Day. (read the rest)

I was pleased that completely by accident today I posted something about reframing what the mainstream mental health fascists tell us about some of our “behavior.” I was PUSHING BACK!

I write about rethinking always calling our impetus to be alone, to have our solitude, “isolating and withdrawing” thus making it pathological rather than a normal human need which I believe it is. Reframing really helps us appreciate our diversity and the fact that our being knows what is best for us. We need only listen to ourselves rather than to the mental health industry machine.

There are many things that need reframing…just like MindFreedom suggests. Question normality.

Update: Rossa Forbes is pushing back today too.

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