AdverseEvents: Why Big Pharma Is Scared Of This Startup

There is a new website worth knowing about that records adverse events from pharmaceuticals. I took a brief look at it. It’s clear that many thousands of people have NOT reported their adverse events. I think we might all get on board and do that and start letting it be known what adverse events we’ve experienced on the drugs we’ve been on. This allows others to find the full scope of dangers and make more informed choices too.

From FastCompany Ariel Schwartz reports:

AdverseEvents, a California-based startup, is pushing the debate out into the open with a centralized database of how many side effects are happening from what drugs and what the patient outcomes are–and according to cofounder Brian Overstreet, “it scares the crap out of the pharmaceutical companies.”

“The FDA has some of this [side effect] data, but it’s unstructured, not searchable, and not standardized,” explains Overstreet. AdverseEvent’s proprietary algorithm, which took 18 months to build, takes into account data from the FDA, direct patient reporting, and even information from social media sites (AdverseEvents analysts are alerted to side effect discussions on patient discussion boards, for example, and try to extract data).

AdverseEvents also has an internal alert system, so that the company can track potentially dangerous side effects and alert the FDA if necessary. read the rest

Go to AdverseEvents and report your adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals here.  

NOTE AND CORRECTION: (friend alerted me to the below) doesn’t collect patient reports, it slices and dices data already in the FDA database. People should report their adverse events to the FDA right here. looks at this database and produces reports, some of which is available free, for example: Info for Paxil withdrawal syndrome.


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