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The bookstore has been under construction, in one way or another, for close to a year. I’ve simply not had the extra time and energy to put into it after publishing the blog. As it stands mega thanks go out to my husband who helped me hugely!

So there is a permanent tab up at the top of the blog so that you can find the bookstore easily whenever you might want to look at it.

For now timing is such that it’s a great place to browse for educational Christmas gifts.

Buying books through this Amazon Associate store is not only a great way to find books on most of the subjects covered at Beyond Meds, but the small commission we receive from each purchase will also help keep this site running.

I will continue to stock the shelves, so to speak, and perhaps add a few more subject categories so visit from time to time to see what is new.

The current categories are these:

●  Psychiatry & Alternative Views
●  Diet and Nutrition
●  Pharma
●  Self Help/Therapy
●  Spirituality

There is some crossover in most of the categories, but the variety is larger if you look in each section.

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