Changing Brain Chemistry, Changing Paradigms

What a beautifully and brilliantly phrased paragraph from, written by  Sara Rosenquist, Ph.D:

Changing Brain Chemistry, Changing Paradigms

We are beginning to emerge from a dark age when the dominant paradigm explained everything, from difficulty paying attention to emotional pain, as a medical disease necessitating pharmaceutical intervention. There is a certain comfort in this paradigm. If difficult emotions and behaviors are “diseases” then perhaps blame is not an issue. But what if we moved away from a culture of blame toward a culture of acceptance and non-judgmental problem-solving instead? Then perhaps we could take responsibility for changing our brains without needing to blame anyone. There could be comfort in knowing that by beginning the long slow work of changing my habits of thought, and my habits of relating, I could change how I experience life.  There could be hope in knowing that the skills for regulating emotional experience, the skills for getting more pleasure from life and from relationships, could be learned. For those who don’t like to learn, or those who find the long slow slope of learning curves frustrating, this new paradigm might not be such good news. And for them there is always a pill. But for those who are willing to embrace the frustrations of learning new habits with patience, then this new paradigm is full of hope and optimism—and the future is full of opportunity. ( read the whole article)

Hat tip: Integral Options Cafe

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