Soul in Crisis: why cultural healing must replace the “mental illness” story

Image from Jung’s Red Book

Below is bunch of links to book excerpts by Maureen B. Roberts PhD. She is a Jungian therapist who values the spiritual and transformative dimensions of what is so often labeled mental illness. She also supports nutritional and dietary support of our holistic wellbeing.

I’ve posted this a couple of times before…it’s worth revisiting.

●  Soul in Crisis: A Vision for New Directions in Mental Health Reform

●  Soul in Crisis: Why Cultural Healing Must Replace the’Mental Illness’ Fiction

●  Soul in Exile: Schizophrenia, Jung & a Psychiatric Evaluation of Psychiatry

●  Depression: Soul’s Quest for Depth, Meaning & Wholeness

●  Divine Madness: Shamanic Dreaming, Dionysus & Pathologizing Soul

●  Schizophrenia: Your Questions Answered


About the author:

In the realm of the psyche, what we haven’t experienced we don’t understand . . .

After working as a graphic artist, photographer, musician and pastoral care worker, in 1983-4 Maureen worked through an acute ‘transformational crisis’ and to help make sense of this self-rebirthing experience, went through Jungian analysis in Australia. She later completed an original Doctoral thesis on the theme of ‘individuation’, the experience of ‘becoming whole’ at the heart of C. G. Jung’s approach to psychiatry.

Having completed three University degrees, in 1998 Maureen began her vocation as a ‘physician of soul’ – the literal meaning of ‘psych-iatry’ – after befriending and helping several gifted, sensitive, highly creative folk who had been labelled with ‘schizophrenia’ and (often forcibly) treated with psychiatric drugs. Clearly, these intelligent, soulful people were not receiving the kind of help they wanted or needed from the Mental Health System.

In response, Dr Roberts founded Australia’s only Schizophrenia Drug-free Crisis Centre as a source of support, education and therapy for people in crisis and their families….

…Maureen’s soul-centred approach is at odds with the (Government funded) biopsychiatric dogma, practices and goals of the Mental Health System, which lacks respect for the living reality of the psyche, routinely violates human rights (through psychiatric coercion) and refuses to validate spiritual emergencies as normal life crises. Maureen was consequently unable to gain employment in either the Government or Mental Health sectors and instead became a private practitioner, writer and international consultant.(more)

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