Popular (critical) pharma journalist loses his beat because of lack of ad money

Jim Edwards was an excellent watch-dog journalist who wrote about pharma critically in a widely read column on BNET. I knew Placebo Effect (his column) had shut down and was sorry about it, but I didn’t know why. Below is an excerpt from his private blog explaining what happened:

Eagle-eyed BNET.com readers will have noticed that Placebo Effect, my blog about pharmaceutical news, has not been updated recently. CBS Interactive, BNET’s parent company, has decided to discontinue my coverage of the drug industry and instead increase my coverage of the advertising business on The Tagline.

It’s a shame for me personally because Placebo Effect had a monthly readership in the hundreds of thousands, and I broke some important stories in that venue.

I’m a realist, however. If advertisers don’t want to buy ads next to health/drug news, then CBS cannot continue to provide that kind of information. There is no such thing as a free lunch. (read the rest)

This is very important to be aware of. Mainstream media effectively censors the truth when it’s not popular among advertisers. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s just plain and simply capitalism. The free-market. Yeah.

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