Schizophrenic or shamanic experience?

I really enjoyed listening to this video of Terrence McKenna speaking about returning to the authentic experience of the body.

Other links on Beyond Meds that talks about this link with what we moderns call mental illness and shamanism.

●  Psychiatric drug withdrawal, kundalini and shamanic initiatory illness

●  Crash course in urban shamanism

●  The descent experience: metaphor for serious illness

●  Psychosis, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Story as a Vehicle of Healing

●  Spiritual awakening journey

●  Soul in Crisis: why cultural healing must replace the “mental illness” fiction

●  When we feel depressed, anxious, or distressed, are we mentally ill? Or are we spiritually confused?

●  Compassion and the true meaning of empathy

●  Why are the strengths and abilities of those who are sensitive called “mental illness?”

And a more complete collection here: The Shamanic-like nature of consciousness

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