Forced Psychotropic Drugs, Assertive Community Treatment, (in-home forced treatment)

This is happening more and more all over the world — forcing medication on people. I think it’s hard for people who have voluntarily agreed to take psychiatric drugs to understand what an atrocious reality this can be for those people who are forced to take the drugs. Some people may have relatively positive associations with their own experience of psychiatric drugs, but that is simply not everyone’s experience and this phenomena of forced drugging is, indeed, a human rights violation.

I think, too, that a large segment of the population doesn’t realize just how grossly cognitively impaired many people can become on these drugs. This man is not exaggerating about what drugs do to many people and how it feels to be under the influence of such “medication.”

Another misunderstanding among the general public is that people who are forced drugged must be dangerous. That these laws are not abused. Unfortunately that, too, is simply not true. Many troubled, vulnerable people who are not dangerous to anyone are forced medicated for lack of better resources. Our society currently is not interested in truly meeting the needs of such troubled people. Many people in positions of authority don’t believe that those exhibiting odd behavior and labeled mentally ill are worth treating like other human beings, with care and love. And so they are not aware of the many ways such people heal every day.

The fact that some people choose to take these same drugs and find them helpful does not justify drugging those who find the drugs justifiably intolerable. Our bodies are all very different and many of us truly become sickened with such “medications.”

Please remember even those people who take these medications willingly are faced with diabetes, heart disease, obesity, the deadening of the sexual impulse and the list goes on and on.

There are many options to long-term treatment with psychiatric drugs. Right now our communities are not broadly investing in such care. It’s important to learn about other methods of care so that over time these more barbaric treatments can be minimized and eliminated.

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