A new “smart pill” could let MDs know when patients have taken their meds: yes, it’s REAL

From Pat Deegan’s blog:

Pill Police

You must be paranoid!  Or then again… Imagine being diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2012. Imagine being recently discharged from a mental hospital and, in the privacy of your own home, swallowing an antipsychotic medication as part of your ongoing treatment. Imagine that the powdered medicine was wrapped in a capsule that included a tiny microchip and a microscopic antenna. When the capsule you swallowed mixed with the gastric juices in your digestive system, the microchip and antenna would be activated and transmit information to your doctor’s computer or phone about the type of pill you took and the time it entered your stomach. Imagine that the microchip and antenna continued to transmit information to your doctor about your sleep, PH balance and body temperature.

My friends, this is not a delusion or a paranoid conspiracy theory. The technology I am describing exists and is under consideration for use in proposed research studies on health IT treatment interventions for those of us diagnosed with schizophrenia. read the rest

I’ve seen the coverage in the news about this. Glad Pat did a good commentary on it. Go read  the rest of her post.

Here is an article in the Telegraph (UK newspaper) that seems to be singing it’s praise as well. Nothing like getting the public ready and willing for such measures.

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