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(update) Hi…I’m going to make this post from a few days ago a sticky post for a bit so that people might know what is up with the blog. I’ve continued on the break I mention below. I speak in more detail about it here. It’s been an evolution, this moving away from dissecting the problem of pharma-directed psychiatry. I’m much more interested in solutions now and intend to continue moving in that direction. I do not intend to resubscribe to all the pharma and political news about mental health I’d been following. I’m enjoying a somewhat more peaceful existence without the daily reminders of our broken system. 

So I have been posting lately but mostly things that were already saved and/or scheduled. And the tone of the posts have been solution oriented. Today I had nothing so I thought I’d remind folks that things are changing around here!

I’ve been taking a break in as much as I’ve not looked at or followed any of the political news surrounding mental health or pharma for a few days. I’ve discontinued subscriptions to just about everything and will continue on this break for a while. I may stop posting for a bit as well.

So I’ve been fiddling with the archives and navigation of this blog again. You’d think after five years of blogging I’d know what I can do with this blog, but alas, I find new things to play with all the time.

There are now DROP DOWN MENUS at the top of this page. Take your cursor and go over the headings at the very top of the page. Several of them now will reveal other pages to view. Fun fun.

I will continue to tweak this menu most likely so check back.

There is still also an archive menu with additional tabs in the right side bar. I will try to make both of these systems friendlier over time.Nope, not any longer, I scratched it! The navigation menu is now in it’s entirety at the top of the page. I will continue tweaking it. For complete archives by date scroll down the right side bar and you’ll find access to every post from the inception of the blog by month.

Since I may be taking a break for sometime (I never really know how long breaks last — it’s been a couple of days to a couple of months in the past) you can subscribe via email to the blog by submitting your email address in the form to the right. Once subscribed you can manage your subscription by opting to get mail as little as once a week. That allows for it to be minimally obtrusive. On the other hand, you can get notified of a new post the second it goes out if you really want to stay on top of what I’m posting!

If you’re needing a fix in the political and pharma news department there is a selection of such material in the BOOKSTORE.

You can also check the archives in the news section.

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