Wow…this blog is five years old

And I missed its birthday! What a neglectful mama I am.

The 5 year anniversary of the birth of this blog was two days ago. March 4th. It’s the first time I’ve not remembered or written a post specifically for the day.

I imagine this is because two years ago on February 9, I completed a six-year process of withdrawing from six psychiatric drugs. That date has taken on larger significance since the drug withdrawal is  pretty much what empowered me to start speaking up about what has happened in psychiatry and to way too many of us who have been inappropriately medicated and made ill in a myriad of ways. The blog helped me get the word out to many thousands of others that they might make an informed choice, unlike me and all the people medicated for the last couple of decades who were not told about the risks we took in taking medication. Today many people are still given medications without full disclosure to their sometimes very grave risks. Nor are they told  about the many ways to heal safely without medications.

Anyway, since the withdrawal anniversary is so damn close to the start of the blog date… I simply forgot about it.

I did mark my 2 year anniversary of the completion of the withdrawal with a post.

I’m also on an extended break from mental health politics which may or may not be permanent. I have not been following news feeds about mental health politics and pharma for a couple of weeks or more now. It feels good to get some distance and cover the more positive aspects of the potential of the human psyche more specifically instead. So the blog has not been on my mind in the same manner lately as I make the transition.

In any case, I will take this moment to thank YOU, the readers of this blog who have given this journey a reason far bigger than the recovery of my wellbeing alone. So, yes, THANK YOU.

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